About Us

Cloud  Enabled  is   India’s  First  and  Only  Cloud  Services  company  to  deliver  Vendor  neutral  Cloud Consulting and Cloud Implementation services to deploy Private and Public Clouds with OpenStack and Apache  CloudStack  support  capabilities.  More  info  on http://thecloudenabled.com ( Global Website)

Cloud  Enabled  ,  Bangalore  announces World’s  First OpenStack  IaaS  Expert  program,  this  training  is backed  by  Senior  Cloud  Engineers  from  Cloud  Enabled  who  actually  implement  OpenStack  for  the enterprise customers. Cloud Enabled is a Cloud Services Enterprise which focuses on Design, Deploy and Managing Private and Public Clouds which are based on OpenStack and Apache CloudStack.

Cloud Enabled Flagship project which in progress is a Public Cloud data centre of Nepal, where the entire Cloud infrastructure designed, deployed and support also being done by Cloud Enabled. This  training  is  uniquely  tailored  for  customers  and  IT  professional  who  would  want  to  leverage OpenStack with Multi Hypervisor in their Data centre.

Cloud  Enabled  is  World’s  First  and  Only  Company  to  deliver  the  broadest  portfolio  of  Cloud  training program, right from Cloud foundation level to Cloud Expert level programs ,we have 28 different cloudtraining   Programs  designed  for  different  roles like, Cloud  Sales,  Cloud  Presales,  Cloud Architect,  Cloud Implementation Engineer ,Cloud Administrator, Cloud Support Engineer.