• Overview

    One-day workshop on AWS Technical Essentials introduces you to the range of products, services, and solutions offered by Amazon Web Services. You will get fundamental knowledge on the AWS suite of products, and can identify the various AWS services that could be used for various organizational needs. You will be able to make informed decisions about IT solutions for your specific business requirements, and can start using AWS to streamline processes and augment profitability.

    AWS courses are conducted by experts who work with AWS systems on a regular basis. Through real life case studies and hands-on labs, students will gain proficiency in navigating the AWS environment, and can easily master terminology and concepts to gain competence in the subject matter.

  • Module 1: User Sign up
    • User Sign Up
    • Overview Amazon Management Console
    • Management Activity and Billing overview
    • Amazon Pricing

    Module 2: AWS Big Picture – 10000 feet overview

    • An overview of AWS
    • EC2- An overview
    • EBS- An Overview
    • Security Group-An Overview
    • Elastic IP- An overview
    • Cloud Front-An Overview
    • S3- An overview
    • Glacier- An overview
    • IAM – An Overview
    • RDS- An overview

    Module 3: Amazon EC2- Win server 2012     ( Hands on lab by students)

    • Launch Windows server 2012 Instance
    • Decrypt Password and download RDP shortcut client
    • connect to the EC2 Windows 2012 instance
    • Terminate the Windows server 2012 Instance

    Module 4: Amazon EC2- Security Groups  ( Hands on lab by students)

    • Creating Security Groups
    • Modify Security Groups
    • Delete Security Groups

    Module 5 : Amazon Elastic Block Store  ( Hands on lab by students)

    • Create Standard Volume
    • Create and delete snapshots
    • Create Provisioned I/o Volume
    • Assign volumes to Windows server 2012 and Ubuntu 14.04 server
    • Disassociate and Delete volumes

    Module 6 : Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)   ( Hands on lab by students)

    • Lab 6.1
      1. Launch Two Ubuntu EC2 Instances- apache web servers with user data
      2. Edit HTML files to both the servers
      3. Test your web Servers through internet
    • Lab 6.2
      1. Create Elastic Load Balancer
      2. Add both the Ubuntu servers to ELB
      3. Test your Elastic Load Balancer
      4. Delete your Elastic Load Balancer

    Module 7 : AWS Route53

    • What is Route53
    • Route-53 demo integration with ELB you created ( Performed by Instructor only)

    Module 8 : AWS s3  (Hands on lab by students)

    • AWS s3- Overview and pricing
    • Create Bucket  and Folder
    • Upload, download, share and delete object
    • Delete Bucket

  • Participant should able to deploy understand AWS cloud services and also perform hands on lab on AWS ec2,s3,ebs, load balancer and deploy highly available web application
  • Targeted for Cloud engineers, Centre of excellence team, window server administrators, Unix/Linux administrator, Storage admins, network administrators , Virtualization administrators
  • Duration : 1 Day

    Price   :   7,500 INR plus Service taxes per pax

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