@ Cloud Enabled ,we strongly believe in one key concept ” what can be done manual ,Can be automated” ,so bring us your pain points , your old school workings which are consuming lot of time with manual steps involved,and we will get you them automated to best possible extent.

Cloud Enabled can help you to take your journey from Agile to Devops culture and also help you on Devops tool chain deployment.


What is Devops

Devops is not a technology or a product. Devops is collaborative ecosystem of people ,processes ,product development and operations .“DevOps” means ( Development and Operations)



Why DevOps




Devops tool sets we specialize in are…


SCM Tools

  • Github
  • Bit bucket


Continious Integration and Continious Deployment Tool

  • Jenkins
  • Xebialabs


Continuous Inspect Tools

  • Sonarqube


Configuration Management tools

  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Ansible


Devops Lifecycle