Azure Architecting Azure Solutions

  • The course is designed based on official certification requirements outlined by Microsoft Azure  Cloud provider   for  Certification Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

    • 4 days of instructor-led training
    • Includes 1 Day of Azure technical Essentials course bundled in this
    • Training delivered by certified Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
    • Trainer is also a consultant helping clients to migrate to Azure Cloud
    • Prepares for Certification Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
    • Includes simulation exam aligned to Certification Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

    • Understand the core concepts of Azure Cloud
    • Architect Azure cloud from cost, performance, and cost optimization perspective
    • Rich hands-on labs to understand concepts better
    • Hands-on-exercises on Azure cloud services

  • After this course you will be able to Certification Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. The exam fees is separate

    • Systems administrators and IT managers
    • IT administrators and operators
    • IT Systems Engineer
    • Linux/Unix Implementation Engineer or Administrator
    • Windows Server Implementation Engineer or Administrator
    • Cloud Systems Implementation Engineer or Administrator
    • Network Implementation Engineer or Administrator
    • Storage Implementation Engineer or Administrator

  • Module 1: User Sign up?

    • User Sign Up
    • Overview  Azure Portal
    • Management Activity and Billing overview
    • Azure Pricing

    Module 2: Azure Big Picture – 10000 feet overview?

    • An overview of  Azure
    • Azure Virtual Machines- An overview
    • Azure Block Storage- An Overview
    • Azure Endpoints -An Overview
    • Azure Roles  -An overview
    • Azure SQL Azure – An overview
    • Azure HD Insight –An overview
    • Azure websites – AN overview
    • Azure Networking – AN overview

    Module 3: Azure Virtual Machine- Win server 2012 R2    ( Hands on lab by students)

    • Launch Windows server 2012 R2 Instance
    • Download RDP shortcut client
    • connect to the  Windows 2012 Virtual machine
    • Upgrade your Virtual machine to hardware plan
    • Terminate the Windows server 2012 Instance

    Module 4: Azure  Virtual Machine- Endpoints  ( Hands on lab by students)

    • Why endpoints are important
    • Edit Endpoints
    • Add endpoints
    • Remove endpoints

    Module 5 : Azure Block Storage   ( Hands on lab by students)

    • Create Block storage volume
    • Attach volume to windows Server 2012R2
    • Format the volume using NTFS from VM
    • Detach and delete volume

    Module 6: Azure Virtual Machine- Ubuntu 14.04    ( Hands on lab by students)

    • Launch  Ubuntu 14.04 Instance
    • SSH to you your linux instance
    • Install web server
    • Attach and detach block storage volume to Ubuntu VM
    • Terminate the  Linux  virtual machine

    Module 7 : Azure Load Balancer ( Hands on lab by students)

    • Lab 7.1
      1. Launch Two Ubuntu azure vm Instances- apache web servers
      2. Edit HTML files to both the servers
      3. Test your web Servers through internet
    • Lab 7.2
      1. Create Azure Load Balancer
      2. Add both the Ubuntu servers to Azure Load balancer
      3. Test your Load balancing of web traffic
      4. Delete Load Balancer

    Module 8 : Azure Cloud DNS ( Hands on lab by Instructor) 

    1. Create a public dns hosted zone
    2. Create a record set ,route traffic to load balancer

    Architecting  Azure Solutions

    Module 1: Design Compute Infrastructure

    • Design solutions using virtual machines
    • Design solutions for serverless computing
    • Design microservices-based solutions
    • Design web applications
    • Create compute-intensive application

    Module 2 : Design Data Implementation

    • Design for Azure Storage solutions
    • Design for Azure Data Services
    • Design for relational database storage
    • Design for NoSQL storage
    • Design for CosmosDB storage

    Module 3 : Design Network  Implementation

    • Design Azure virtual networks
    • Design external connectivity for Azure Virtual Networks
    • Design security strategies
    • Design connectivity for hybrid applications

    Module 4 : Design Security and Identity Solutions

    • Design an identity solution
    • Secure resources by using identity providers
    • Design a data security solution
    • Design a mechanism of governance and policies for administering Azure resources
    • Manage security risks by using an appropriate security solution

    Module 5 : Design Solutions by using Platform services

    • Design for Artificial Intelligence Services
    • Design for IoT
    • Design messaging solution architectures
    • Design for media service solutions

    Module 6 : Design for Operations

    • Design an application monitoring and alerting strategy
    • Design a platform monitoring and alerting strategy
    • Design an operations automation strategy

    Exam Tips

    • Exam blue print overview

    • Gives an edge over other professionals in the same field, in term of pay package.
    • All roads are leading to Cloud, and everyone is adopting Cloud computing .Hence would require Cloud Engineers to drive their journey to cloud
    • Helpful for People are trying to transition to  Cloud Engineer roles
    • Verifies that you are aware of the latest features of Cloud
    • The certification helps to speak more confidently about this technology at my company when networking with others.

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