Openstack High Availibility

  • OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).  In this training you will understand Openstack components followed by install and configure the software. A group of 2  students will be able to deploy a private cloud on Ubuntu server using OpenStack in a highly available production level on 8 ubuntu servers .
  • Module 01: OpenStack Eco-System Overview

    • Openstack – Architectural Overview
    • Openstack – Versions
    • Openstack – Terminologies (Keystone, Glance, Nova, Cinder, Neutron, Horizon)
    • Openstack – Implementation Types

    Module 02: Openstack Installation Module

    • Deployment Planning for Openstack
    • Ubuntu Server Installation
    • Network and Disk Partitioning on Linux
    • NTP Server Installation and Configuration

    Module 03.A: Deploy Dual controller nodes

    • Deploy tow Ubuntu servers
    • SSH to Ubuntu-01 and configure as controller-01
    • SSH to Ubuntu-02 and configure as controller-02

    Module 03.B: Deploy keepalived

    • Keepalived– An Overview
    • Mysql Server Management – CLI and GUI
    • Lab 01: Install and Configure Keepalived

    Module 04: MySQL Server – Theory and Lab

    • MySql Server – An Overview
    • MySql Server High Availability – Theory
    • Mysql Server Management – CLI and GUI
    • Lab 03 : Install and Configure Mysql Server on db node

    Module 05: Openstack Keystone Module – Theory and Lab

    • Keystone -An Overview
    • Role of Keystone in OpenStack
    • RabbitMQ Installation on all controller
    • Lab 04: Keystone Install and configure on all controller
    • Lab 05: – Create Keystone users ,tenants, and roles on all controller

    Module 06: Openstack Glance Module

    • Glance -An Overview
    • Role of Glance in OpenStack
    • Role of Glance images
    • Lab 06: Glance Installation and configuration on all controller
    • Lab 07 : create Linux Glance images on all controller

    Module 07: Cinder Module – Theory and Lab

    • Cinder -An Overview
    • Role of Cinder in OpenStack
    • Lab 08: Cinder Installation and configuration on all controller
    • Lab 09: Create a cinder volume and test on all controller

    Module 08: Nova services – Theory and Lab

    • OpenStack Nova -An Overview
    • Role of Nova Compute (KVM, Xen etc.)
    • Lab 10: Nova Installation and configuration on all controller

    Module 09: Horizon Module – Theory and Lab

    • Horizon -An Overview
    • Role of Horizon in OpenStack
    • Lab 11: Horizon Installation
    • Lab 12: Customization of Horizon adding your company logo to dashboard

    Module 10: Installing Nova on Compute01 and Compute 02 Node

    • Lab 13: Install & Configure nova-compute for both the Nodes
    • Lab 14: Install & Configure nova-network for both the Nodes

    Module 11: Test HA

    • Lab 15: Test Keystone High Availability
    • Lab 16: Test Glance High Availability
    • Lab 17: Test Cinder High Availability
    • Lab 18: Test Horizon High Availability
    • Lab 19: Test Nova High Availability
    • Lab 20: Test Compute High Availability

  •  Participant should able to use  deploy a private cloud  in highly available production grade cloud.And also perform openstack administration
  • Targeted for Cloud engineers, window  server administrators, Unix/Linux administrator, Storage admins, network administrators , Virtualization administrators
  • Duration :  2 Days

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