Microservices best practices

  • The course is designed by Devops Subject Matter Experts to help you understand Micro services architecture  and  perform handson  devlop a microservices using java spring boot

    • 4 days of instructor-led training
    • Training delivered by  Devops Consultant
    • The trainer is also a consultant helping clients to migrate  monolithic applications to Microservices

    • Understand the core concepts of  Micro-services
    • Understand various terminologies in micro-services
    •  Discuss two case studies on how you can convert them to microservices from a approach perspective

  • This is non certification based course. Designed for understanding Micro-services

    • Developers
    • software architects
    • software test engineers
    • Software release managers

  • Day 1 :   Introduction to Api and Microservices 

    Introduction to API

    • TCP, HTTP
    • Why REST?
    • Concepts
    • Features
    • HTTP Verbs
    • XML and JSON
    • API Tools
      • Curl
      • POSTMAN
    • Hands on Exercises
    • Understand REST in HTTP with Examples

    Demystifying Microservices

    • The evolution of microservices
    • What are microservices?
    • Microservices – the honeycomb analogy
    • Principles of microservices
    • Characteristics of microservices
    • Challenges for a successful microservice architecture
    • Microservices examples
    • Microservices benefits
    • Relationship with other architecture styles
    • Microservice use cases
    • Brief of Microservice Pattern


    Day 2 :   Case Study – review on monlothic applciations

    • Presentation on Project A- application by trainer
    • Presentation on Project B- application by trainer


    Day 3 & 4 :   Devlop spring boot microservices 0 handson lab by students

    Building Microservices with Spring Boot

    • Setting up a development environment
    • Using Spring Boot to build RESTful microservices
    • Getting started with Spring Boot
    • Understanding Maven build tool
    • Developing the Spring Boot Java microservice using STS
    • The Spring Boot configuration
    • Implementing a simple REST API using Spring boot [hands on]
    • Implementing Spring Boot security [hands on]
    • Implementing Spring Repository [hands on]
    • Implementing Spring Data using MySQL/H2 [hands on]
    • Documenting microservices with Swagger [hands on]
    • Spring Boot actuators [hands on]
    • Configuring application information

    Cloud Enabled recommendation on micro-services for project B & B

    • Cloud Enabled whiteboard discussion on approaching the microservices architecture

    • Gives an edge over other professionals in the same field, in term of pay package.
    • Customer are transitioning to devops culture  .Hence would require engineers with devops tool understanding and working knowledge
    • Helpful for People are trying to transition to  Devops Engineer roles from software engineer
    • The tool training helps to speak more confidently about this technology at my company when networking with others.

  • For India and singapore :  email us at info@thecloudenabled.com