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DevSecOps – Jenkins Essentials Training in Singapore and India

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DevSecOps –  Jenkins Essentials Training by Cloud Enabled Pte Ltd in Singapore and India. 
Course Summary
Course Objectives
Course Pre- requisites
  • Basic Linux commands like working with files and directories is desired and atleast one year experience in Software programming ( any language)
Course Duration
  • 21 hours - 3 days
Course Outline

Agenda : Day 1 & Day 2 ( DevOps Tooling part) 

Module 1: Devops Big Picture  ( Theory)

  •  What and why of  Devops
  •  Devops Tools – Overview and Usecase
  • Source Control Management (SCM Tools)
  • Continuous Integration
  • Static ode Analysis Tool
  • Storage Artifacts
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Containerization
  • Configuration Management


Module 2: Devops in Action ( Hands on Lab by students)

  • SCM Live demo
    •  Github – Create an account and fork your application code
    •  Git clone the github code , Use maven to compile and package java source code
    •  Deploy .jar file manually
  • Continuous Integration Tool –  ( Hands on Lab by students)  
    • Jenkins – Deploy Jenkins on Ubuntu 14.04 server ( each student will deploy his Jenkins server)
    • Continuous Integration setup – Jenkins and Github
  • Code Packaging automation( Hands on Lab by students)
    • Automation Maven test, Compile and Package ( .jar) using Jenkins
  • Static Code Analysis( Hands on Lab by student)
    • Understand sonarqube ( deployed by trainer)
    • Students to Integrate Jenkins (CI) server with Sonarqube  ( lab by students)
    • Sonarqube –static code analysis  and set quality gates
  • Storage Artifact( Hands on Lab by students)
    • Understand Nexus ( deployed by students)
    •  Nexus storage artifact integration
    •  Store your end software products in Nexus
  • Continuous Deployment( Hands on Lab by students)
    • Add slave nodes to Jenkins
    • Automate deployment of your .jar file to server
    • Building Pipeline scripts and stages in SDLC
  • Integrate with owsap in pipeline to form DevSecOps
  • Integrate with cucumber as part of pipeline

Agenda : Day 3 - DevSecOps 

  • Introduction to the Course


Digital Asset Protection is today very crucial to individuals, business and non-business organizations, governments and societies.


Due to the rapid release of data and service distribution using cloud services, law enforcement and compliance requirements, over all dependency over digital eco system to run of a machinery, Digital security is indispensable part of business, governance and society.


The proposed hands-on training is designed to impart a solid learning about concepts, techniques and tools to understand the behavior and characteristics which are required   infuse security as a part of DevOps Process Line and transform from DevOps to DevSecOps.


This course is NOT academic by design so, it does not focus much on legacy side DevSecOps, except for the introduction purposes.


This course uses hands-on labs using real world DevOpes Flow and then explains why where and how DevSecOps flow can be integrated using the right tools in the DevOps flow.


The program also discusses the Dos and Don’ts of DevSecOps, along with Industry Best Practices and 3 Industry case studies.


  • Proposed Curriculum


The participants will learn the concepts and implementation practices for DevSecOps. The list of topics to covered are listed below

  • Introduction to DevSecOps: The DNA of Agile Transformation
  • Software Development, Operations and Software Security and Compliances
  • Breaking the Silos: Dev?Security?Ops using DevSecOps
  • Architecture of a DevSecOps Flow
  • Reference hardware Design
  • The tooling aspect of a DevSecOps System
  • Left Shift for Compliances and Standards goals using DevSecOps
  • Implementing DevSecOps in a Cloud Development Environment ( Optional)
  • Implementing DevSecOps in a Mobile Development Environment( Optional)
  • Implementing DevSecOps in a IoT Development Environment( Optional)
  • Infusing analytics and AI in a DevSecOps System
  • Measurement and Dashbaording for DevSecOps
  • Outcomes and RoI Calculation for a DevSecOps System
  • Making DevSecOps Future Ready :Creating a Positive feedback loop for being
  • Cultural And Organizational Transformation needed for a sustenance of DevSecOps




  • Participants are assumed to have a minimum of 2 year experience in Software or Technology domain, especially in Production, Release, Development Testing, Operations or Security teams. Participants are supposed to have user level experience for Linux Operating System and should have exposure to Python /TCL or any automation language


Expected Outcome


  • After the completion of course participants will have a deep understanding and working hands on experience to plan design and implement DevSecOps flow.




  • This is NOT a vendor dependent training , so all the training will be on open Source tools

This training is mostly for practitioners so academic focus will be much lesser ad compared to hands on practitioners focus


 Target Audience


  • The Program is targeted for DevOps engineers /build & release engineers /Software development and test engineers/Security engineers and technology leaders who aspire to include Security in the overall DevOps flow and transform to DevSecOps.

 What will be provided


  • Teaching material –Take Away
  • Case Studies- Take Away
  • Summary Booklet-Take Away
  • 4 weeks on Demand Support  post the session-Virtual Support  over Skype etc
  • 1 DevSecOps group project to be completed in 2 weeks

    Note: All materials will be provided as the digital Content only


Duration of Program


This will include 50 % in –person teaching and 40% assisted hands on Lab exercises and 10% of feedback and general summary discussion

  • 3 Hours: - Teaching
  • 3 Hours: Lab
  • 1 Hour: Feedback and Program Summary
  • 1 Hour: Lunch and refreshment Breaks

Training Delivery Mode

Online - Live Instructor Led training 

Due to Covid - we dont engage classroom training till situations are ok

Got Questions

Please email to and we will be happy to help

This course is designed , developed and delivered by Cloud Enabled Pte Ltd