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Google Apps Script Training in Singapore and India

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Original price Rs. 290,000.00
Original price Rs. 290,000.00 - Original price Rs. 290,000.00
Original price Rs. 290,000.00
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Rs. 225,000.00 - Rs. 225,000.00
Current price Rs. 225,000.00
Google Apps Script Training by Cloud Enabled Pte Ltd in Singapore and India
Course Summary

The Google Apps Script training course give you a detailed knowledge on coding like Automating data calculation, Fetching and sending data from third party software like Trello & Salesforce, connecting different sheets, Documents and other tools, Setting a trigger based on an event. This course is ideal for someone who use google sheets and have no coding background.

Course Objectives
  • Know Handling Spreadsheet and Loop
  • Understand IF Statement and Array
  • Using Commonly used Functions in Spreadsheet
  • Understand usage of Menus, Dialogs and Sidebars, User Interfaces, Add-Ons
  • Store and Serve Data
  • Know about Triggers & Events and Sending email with details from Google Form
Course Pre- requisites
  • Fundamental knowledge of Google Spreadsheet
  • Basic Experience with coding will be helpful but not mandatory
Course Duration
  • 35 hours – 5 days
Course Outline
  1. Introduction
  • Introduction
  • script Editor: Where codes are written
  • Writing the first line of code
  • Good Practices for writing Codes
  1. Handling Spreadsheet and for Loop o Accessing an outside spreadsheet
  • What can we do with the Spreadsheets?
  • Introduction to for Loop
  • More on for Loop
  1. IF Statement and Array
  • IF Statements o Array of Variables
  • Combining Array and for Loop
  1. Commonly used Functions in Spreadsheet
  • Get Last Row of Spreadsheet
  • Copy to: Copying from one cell to another
  • Change Name, Hide and Show Sheets
  • Customized Menu
  • Pop Up Dialogue Box
  1. Menus, Dialogs and Sidebars
  • Custom Menus
  • Dialogs / Sidebars
  1. User Interfaces o Create and Serve HTML
  • Client-to-Server Communication
  • Template HTML o Restrictions
  • Migration to IFRAME
  1. Add-Ons o Translate for Google Docs
  • Notification for Google Forms
  • Translate for Google Slides
  • Progress bars for Google Slides
  1. Store and Serve Data
  • Script/user/Document Properties
  • External Databases via JDBC
  • Content Service
  1. Live Project: Send email with details of Google Form
Training Delivery Mode

Online - Live Instructor Led training 

Due to Covid - we dont engage classroom training till situations are ok

Got Questions

Please email to and we will be happy to help

This course is designed , developed and delivered by Cloud Enabled Pte Ltd