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Jenkins with Continous Integration Training in Singapore and India

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Jenkins with Continous Integration Jenkins with Continous Integration
Course Summary

Jenkins is a continuous integration server written in the Java Programming Language. This training course will give you a thorough grounding in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery concepts and give you the necessary skills to implement them using Jenkins. You can master the core concepts of Deployment, Integration, Installing, and Configuring several tools associated with Jenkins along with related concepts.

Course Objectives
  • How to effectively use Jenkins for building, testing, analyzing, and deploying Java projects.
  • Learn how to install Jenkins CI Server on windows.
  • Implementing Jenkins and a continuous integration system.
  • Install and configure several tools that can be used with Jenkins.
Course Pre- requisites
  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • Knowledge of application servers like tomcat, JBoss, glassfish, etc.
  • software development process knowledge
Course Duration
  • 14 hours - 2 days
Course Outline

Module 1: Introducing Jenkins – An Open Source Automation Server

  • Introduction
  • History of Jenkins
  • Jenkins Fundamentals
  • Continuous Integration(CI) with Jenkins
  • Shift from Hudson to Jenkins
  • Which to use? Hudson or Jenkins

Module 2: Getting started with Jenkins

  • Introduction
  • Download and Install Jenkins
  • Setting up Environment
  • Tools setup
  • Install Plugins
  • Build your first job with Jenkins
  • Your first job in progress
  • Building reports and displaying Javadocs

Module 3: Plugins

  • Introduction to Plugins
  • Integrating Plugins with Jenkins
  • Managing and Upgrading Plugins
  • Working of Plugins
  • Commonly used Plugins

Module 4: Setting your first build job

  • Introduction to Jenkins Build Jobs
  • Build a freestyle software project
  • Source code configuration
  • Build Triggers
  • Scheduling Build Jobs
  • Adding a build step: Post-build action
  • Running your New Build Jobs
  • Working with Maven

Module 5: Advanced Build Jobs features and Security

  • Parameterized Builds and Distributed Builds
  • Enable security for Jenkins
  • Securing Jenkins: Different Authentication Levels
  • Creating Administrator User
  • Types of Access
  • Conclusion

Module 6: Jenkins Setup to Implement Automated Testing

  • Introduction to Automated Testing
  • Unit Automation and Tests Integration
  • Tests Reports Configuration
  • Publishing Tests results
  • Code Coverage and Other Metrics
  • Automated Acceptance Tests with JMeter
  • Automated Performance Tests with JMeter

Module 7: Improving Code Quality using Other Metrics

  • Introduction
  • Look for faulty codes through code coverage
  • PMD ruleset activation
  • Custom ruleset creation
  • Detecting bugs from FindBugs
  • Enable extra FindBugs rules
  • Discovering security defects with FindBugs
  • Reporting with JavaNCSS
  • Checking Style Using an External pom.xml

Module 8: Arrangement of Nodes and Master-Slave

  • Introduction to Nodes
  • Configuring and Managing Nodes
  • Distributing and Binding jobs to the Nodes
  • How to setup Master-Slave configuration

Module 9: Jenkins Maintenance and Backup

  • Maintaining Jenkins
  • Moving Jenkins from one server to another
  • Do’s and don’t s in Jenkins setup

Module 10: Deploying Application to Web Server and Continuous Delivery

  • Introduction to Automated Deployment and Continuous Delivery
  • Implementing Automated and Continuous Deployment
  • Deployment of Application to an Application Server
  • Deployment of Java Web Application using Tomcat
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Q & A
  • Closing and Remarks
Training Delivery Mode

Online - Live Instructor Led training 

Due to Covid - we dont engage classroom training till situations are ok

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