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RabbitMQ Training in Singapore and India

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RabbitMQ Training by Cloud Enabled Pte Ltd in Singapore and India
Course Summary

This course will help you to learn RabbitMQ Message Brokers in a practical manner, with every Chapter having at least one demo lecture. Fifty percent of this course is focused on delivering demos, which helps you to learn RabbitMQ in practical way and you will be ready to work on RabbitMQ on completing this course.

Course Objectives
  • Understand about the need of messaging and message brokers
  • Know about RabbitMQ and it different types of exchanges.
  • Know about AMQP protocol and message flow in RabbitMQ
  • Learn about RabbitMQ setup in linux and windows machines.
  • Learn to control RabbitMQ behaviour using Environment variables and RabbitMQ config file
  • Learn to setup RabbitMQ management console and manage RabbitMQ resources using the console
  • Understand and setup RabbitMQ clustering and resource sharing
  • Learn synchronous and asynchronous communication with RabbitMQ
  • Learn differtent messaging patterns in RabbitMQ
  • Understand and setup shovels in rabbitMQ
  • Understand and setup Federations in rabbitMQ
  • Understand and setup High Availability in RabbitMQ with failover mechanism
  • Learn to automate RabbitMQ management operations
Course Pre- requisites
  • Basic knowledge about software industry
  • Basic programming knowledge on any programming language
  • Basic understanding of message-oriented architecture
Course Duration
  • 21 hours – 3 days
Course Outline

Module 1

  • Introduction & Basic Concepts
  • Message Queueing
  • Message Broker

Module 2

  • Understanding RabbitMQ
  • AMQP implementation in RabbitMQ
  • Message flow in RabbitMQ
  • Exchanges and its types

Module 3

  • RabbitMQ Setup and RabbitMQ Management Console
  • RabbitMQ installation
  • RabbitMQ Management Console Setup
  • Managing Users and vhosts via RabbitMQ console
  • Overview of RabbbitMQ Management Console
  • RabbitMQ Environment Variable
  • RabbitMQ config File

Module 4

  • RabbitMQ Clustering
  • Introduction to PyCharm
  • Introduction to Publisher and Consumer Application
  • Introduction to RabbitMQ Clustering
  • Disc Node and RAM node
  • Demo on RabbitMQ Clusters
  • Demo on Resource Sharing and Transparent Queues in Cluster

Module 5

  • RabbitMQ Asynchronous Communication & Message Patterns
  • Demo on Asynchronous communication between Publisher & RabbitMQ
  • Demo on Asynchronous communication between consumer & RabbitMQ
  • Demo on Blocking Communication with RabbitMQ
  • Demo on Publishing with Fanout Exchange
  • Demo on Publishing with Direct Exchange
  • Demo on Publishing with Topic Exchange

Module 6

  • Shovel and Federation in RabbitMQ
  • Introduction to Federation in RabbitMQ
  • Federated exchanges with Demo
  • Federated Queues with Demo
  • RabbitMQ shovel with Demo

Module 7

  • High Availability & Fail-over in RabbitMQ
  • Introduction HA and Failover
  • Master Queue and Mirror Queue in RabbitMQ
  • Queue Failover in RabbitMQ with Demo
Training Delivery Mode

Online - Live Instructor Led training 

Due to Covid - we dont engage classroom training till situations are ok

Got Questions

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This course is designed , developed and delivered by Cloud Enabled Pte Ltd